About Kate

I grew up in a completely hand-built house done by my Father and Mother. We were taught to make things by hand at an early age and creativity was a part of every day. I did not learn to knit until 1994 and I did not become obsessed with knitting until 2000, and since then have become a crazy lazy knitter who likes to find easy ways to create beautiful things.

You may have seen me working or teaching at one of the following yarn shops; Kraemer’s Yarn Shop, Tangled Yarns, Mountain Knits & Pearls. I started knitwear designing in 2004 working with Kraemer Yarns on product development, color selections and as Design Coordinator.

I started freelance designing in 2006. My designs have been published in Knit N Style, Cast On, Creative Knitting, Knitcircus and Knitter’s magazines. I have sold designs to several yarn companies, such as Classic Elite, the former Nashua HandKnits, Conjoined Creations, Shibui Knits, Decadent Fibers, and still enjoy working with Kraemer Yarns. I started my own pattern line selling patterns that have an accent on showing knitters that creating a great garment is really not that hard.

I am so lucky to share my passion, experience and knowledge with other knitters by way of lectures and classes. I teach technique, project, and theory classes. Be sure to check out my class list. My Color Theory Class is one of my favorites. It is a good class for anyone, knitter or not, that is interested in the use of color for garment construction.

I am a creative soul who likes to draw with sidewalk chalk, fly kites, and take pictures of clouds and flowers. Now that my knitting hobby has become my passionate career, I am now learning a new hobby — how to sew.

My loving and extremely understanding husband and I try to contain my over flowing stash in the White Plains, New York.

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