• Freaky Circle of Life

    Posted on January 26, 2015 by in Donations, Inspiration, Latest Updates, My Projects, Quilting

    Last summer (isn’t it nice to remember summer, as we enter the middle of winter) when all the Supreme Court – Hobby Lobby Crap was going on I got so fed up with That No Birth Control Providing Employer that I went through all my crafting supplies, and decorating stuff and any thing else I could possible remember and pulled out EVERYTHING I could find that I purchased at That Evil Place. I either found a place to donated it  or I threw it out.


    Yards of Fabric

    My French Braid Quilt pieces

    My French Braid quilt pieces that I started with strips of fabric from That Capitalist Store Hiding Behind Religion

    Packing up

    Embroidery floss, needles and thread along with some fat quarters went into the box. I have to say I was sooooo mad that this was pretty easy to do.

    My quilt

    I even threw in the very first Quilt I ever completed. I pieced it, quilted it and put the border on this quilt, but I used fabric from “THAT WOMAN HATING PLACE so it had to go.


    the box wasn’t quit full, so I added anything else I could find that I thought a child might like. I felt I had to negate all the evil being done so all this fabric and quilting was being sent to my local Project Linus Chapter to be made into blankets to comfort kids.

    I closed up the box and paid UPS to deliver it 12 miles from my house….  Washed my hands of that Icky Establishment and have not step foot in it since.

    I don’t like to toot my horn, especially over things like this. My kindness is my business, I do it to help others and not get praise for the good things I do.


    My Quilt Linus

    I was walking out of one of my favorite local Fabric Shops and I look up and think – “HEY! I made a quilt like that once…” Then I remembered it was fabric from that “Store That Does Not Care About Its Employees” Wait a minute…. I went to take a closer look and there was a Project Linus Label in the back of the quilt. HEY!! THIS is MY QUILT!!!”

    Linus project


    So there- a Freaky Crafty Full Circle that will warm a child’s heart, rid me of my angst and encourage me to support local privately owned fabric shops.

    It was the last thing I ever thought I would see again.

    Well, Blissful Crafting, You never know where it might end up,


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