• Kate’s Great Holiday Adventure – Wreaths Part 1

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    I had originally planned to do 2 wreaths in this segment, but the post would be tooooo long. So I will split it up into Fake Green Wreaths and Fancy (non green) Wreaths. I say Fake Green Wreaths because this is not Floral Decor Class and Real green wreaths do not bend and stay.where you want them to.

    Both of the wreaths you will see here were bought (and since returned) at Target, to show that pretty things can be made on any budget. A bigger budget just gives you more options.

    Here we GO!

    our first victim

    Clear off your work area and look over your wreath.

    see how things are wired in

    How are the accents (the fancy things) attached. Wire is great because you can move things. Hot glue not so much, unless you are really handy with a knife.

    We also want to see what these accents are made off. The main stem of these berries is wire but the rest is plastic. This means I’ll have some movement of them, but not much. It also means I have to be careful playing with them because the will break easily.

    flattened bow

    Are you happy with where the bow is? Your bow Does NOT have to be on top – It can be any where you so desire to place it.  (contrary to my former employer who had all bows centered and on top. Although I think this is one of their idiot proofing steps.)

    does the back of the wreath need to be covered

    What does the back of the wreath look like? Think about where you are going to hang it. Inside or outside, and if you want to cover the back of the wreath with something so your wall or door do not get scratched up. If you want to cover the back cheap green fabric  is your best bet (felt works GREAT) or a couple layers of green duct tape.

    how are we going to hang it

    Now is also a good time to think about how are you going to hang this?? If  hanging it inside I’d use a pretty ribbon or some sturdy fishing line.  If hanging outside, where outside? on a covered porch, you could use fishing line, or green wire. On an exposed door, out by the mailbox or an exposed fence I would wire it in a couple places so that it does not blow around and it can handle the weight of snow. (remember I like in New England, Snow is very likely before I take this down)

    I’m pointing at a great place to wrap the fishing line, ribbon or wire around to hang it.   Wrap it around the Vertical post so the wire or fishing line won’t slide back and forth.

    Work said no bent needles

    Turn the wreath over and start opening all the greenery, untangle it and make sure each piece is straight. “Work” did not believe in bent branches, clearly they had forgotten what REAL trees look like.  Lightly pull it upright, straight and open. we want to open the mashed areas and be able to redistribute the fluffy areas. This also gives us a chance to see what we are dealing with.

    see the frame

    Oh look- a big old hole between the top of the frame and the bottom!! We either need to be patient and creative or run out and get a cheap garland to fill this in and add more to this wreath.

    all opened

    after the greenery is opened,

    all going the same

    we need to start shaping.  Shaping is the process of moving all the greenery in the same desired direction, either clock wise or counter clockwise. Starting at the base of the branch, moving the branches to fill holes and lay nicely all in going the same way.

    Usually the accents will be going in the same direction as the greenery, but as you will notice in the photo above, there is a pine cone missing.

    do I like the pine cone this way

    I was trying to decide if I like the pine cone in the original place

    or this wAyor follow my set vision of pine cones and put it this way. With pine cones of this size I desire to stay with my preconceived notion of pine cones and keep the bottom towards the bottom.

    big hole

    I need to attache this pine cone and cover the gap in the frame. There is a nifty trick that will do both. 

    do the twist

    A simple little Twist of one top brach and one bottom branch

    or this wAy

    and we will attach the pine cone right there.  

    The next step is to open and place the berries. Remembering to be careful with the berries and to compensate for their lack of wire tips, I will use the bendy beaches to help hold them in place and cover any holes and gaps in the frame.
    left side is thinnerWe have been working on a table, and unless your wreath is going to bea center piece on a table, it is time to hang it up and get another perspective.

    WOW that left side is really thin. Im happy with the pine cones and berries, but it definitely needs more shaping. So I will continue to move, mostly greenery, around.

    check shape inside and out

    Step back and take another look. We are looking to see that 1. We can not see the wall thru the wreath. 2. All accent items are pleasantly placed.  3. The width of the wreath is the same all the way around. 4. there is a definite outside shape and a clear inside shape to match the outside (incase your wreath is not round, wouldn’t want to discriminate).   – Opps! I see a dent on the inside.

    shape good time for the bow

    Futz futz move move futz and Wa La. The last thing to do is the bow.

    It is usually pretty easy to do, but therefore also easy to get messed up, which is why it is saved for last. Usually bows are made of this wonderful Wired Edge Ribbon which makes shaping the bow easy. If the bow on your wreath is not Wired Edge Ribbon you can play with to make it look good, but I suggest ripping off and making a new one with wired edge ribbon.

    Style Note- the Fastest way to update a wreath is change the bow. Change the color, placement, size and type, your neighbors will think you have a new wreath every year. 

    the magic of witred ribbon


    When shaping the bow start on the inside and work your way out, other wise you have contasntly reshaping your outside loops. Ask me how I know…


    Ta Da One pretty wreath.

    Now, I don’t know about you, but I hate looking like everyone else, I like a little extra. The nifty things about retail stores is that they USUALLY do things in themes, nicely displaying everything in that theme together.  When I was shopping for these wreathes I saw these adorable little birds. (Ok, I’ll admit it, one looks like a ball of yarn… ) I had planned to place 3 of them on the wreath but the birds were a bit more substantial than I first thought. Plus the wreath is even count (4 of everything)  and I bought an odd count (3) of birds.

    Style Note: Odd Counts are usually more pleasing to the eye and easier to layout. (Think Fibonacci and the rule of thirds)

    add a little extra

    But all was not lost- 2 lovely little plump birds makes this wreath adorable and one of a kind.


    So there we have it. My first Holiday tutorial. I hope you enjoyed it and learned a lot.

    I plan to get the Fancy Wreath one up on Monday, I know you are waiting get your Holiday decorating done before Thanksgiving.

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