• Kate’s Great Adventure – the Bergdorf Files

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    This first project I started working on at ACI was Bergdorf Goodman. The first project a wonderful hardworking group of misfits worked on – with an amazing informative manager was Bergdorf Goodman. As the first night at Bergdorf progressed it became clear that we were over protective and emotionally involved.  We were also more adept with the materials than the new, some young, supervisors knew.  – Perhaps that’s where the tension started….

    BG windows covered

    Bergdorf Good Man with their windows shuttered, preparing for the Holidays.


    We were broken down into groups; those installing garlands, those doing chandlers and those doing arrangements.

    The Garlands–  These are not garlands in the usual sense, they ended up being accents to arched doorways or around some ceiling accent. Attached to the wall or ceiling and forced into the desired shape. Which is really funny because of how hard we worked to make them strong and straight. To say nothing of how long we worked to light them all to approved standards only to have them ripped apart if to long with the extra lights trailing up behind it. These activities left us laughing out loud.

    The Chandlers– I’ll date myself here but, do you remember the game KerPlunk – You jammed a bunch of pointy sticks around a tube to create a platform of marbles to sit on. The object was to remove a stitch without the marbles falling. If that doesn’t ring a bell, think of reverse Jenga with white sticks, when the wrong stick is inserted into to the wrong place makes it all fall down. The objective was to turn classic crystal chandlers into glowing balls of white sticks to match the garlands.   It took two or three tries and a high school tiff on the part of the young inexperienced supervisor for the design director to step in and tell her that my friend “E”, who has spent the most time with these sticks, knew what she was doing was to be left alone do work her magic.

    The Arrangements– this is where I was assigned. I have NO FLOWER ARRANGING EXPERIENCE and here I’m making arrangements at Bergdorf Goodman- Not only that, but there was a team of 2 and we had to make our arrangements match, blend, appear similar. Well, truth be told, I was the one who made them blend, as the other young lady just took off doing what ever and I was left to practice my diplomatic skills at 3 am after a crazy load in, listening to my friends and having a fair grasp of what the Design Director wanted. I only lost it once, on the second night, in a small hot space, with cut up arms from “blending” our styles (read as fixing the issues), and I did it silently. I have developed a deathly glare and a killer silence that gets people out of my way. Did I mention I almost burned my armpit??

    BG nihgt 2


    This is the arrangement in a small space, to stand on. I almost burned my arm pit on one of those spot lights shining down on the $3,000.00 Pucci gowns. This photo was taken at 8 am on our way home. This is technically the only photo I can show you. This arrangement is located on 58th street entrance. If you want to see more, message me or leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do. 

    I did 4 arrangements total. 2 had to match, the one above and another on big one that is on the 5th Avenue entrance. I had a wonderful assistant on that one, and got to use a scissor lift to create it.

    I was a Bergdorf all 4 nights. The last night was clean up, touch up and a bit of lighting. It was beautiful when we left. I am so glad I got to be a part of this project, even thru all the maddening times and hard work.






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