• Kate’s Great Adventures in Training

    Posted on October 12, 2014 by in Adventure Awaits, Holiday Adventure, Latest Updates

    Last week was all about training.


    Ladder safety, lift safety, tree trimming, tree lighting, how to hang things, electrical and all around who is who and who is watching you. I do not sit and listen well unless I my hands have something to do. Luckily I had a piece of paper in my fancy little red bag along with a black and blue pen. I almost covered this sheet of paper.  At break I remembered the hat a coworker is working on so I knit on that until I ran out of yarn.

    So the week of training went like this-

    Monday: Talking BLAH BLAH BLAH

    Tuesday Morning: Lift training (which I always pictured Ice Dancing Lifts) for certification on Scissors Lifts, Boom Lifts and the like. This was fun, says the lady who enjoys skydiving.

    Tuesday Afternoon: Hanging Training.  (for which I drew a noose on my paper. ) We learned how to use wire, fishing line, bailing wire and make Aircraft Cable. for hanging wreaths. How it install garland and a quick run thru Fooffing wreaths, garland and bows.

    Wednesday: Production we are so big they split us in ¼. ½ works while ½ train and of the ½ training ½ of those are in one class while ½ is in another then switch. I was asked to light the last 4 garlands for Bergdorf. These were zigzags instead of straight garlands, a wee bit of a challenge.

    Thursday Morning: Electrical – do to all the different places we decorate, we sometimes have to make our own extension cords. We also sometimes have to make extension cords with multiple female ends some distance apart.  (Think hallway with light wreaths hung every 10 feet or so.)


    I must admit I was/am pretty proud of this. we each had to make of and we had to test our own. Mine work wonderful, but I would still be scared witless to do it in the field.

    Thursday Afternoon: How to assemble a 12 foot (up to 30 foot) tree. Parts, pieces and electrical. Then how to shape and Fooff it.  My husband want to get one  of those Charlie Brown Trees this year for Christmas and have me “Fix It” to see how much I have really learned….. HA!

    After we took the tree we just assembled apart we then had a fast demo on ladder safety. Opening and climbing all kinds of ladders. A wonderful time, says the lady who likes to skydive. I must say every one who said they were afraid of heights climbed all the ladders, just not at the speed I did.

    Friday Morning: I was back in production, this time working on garland for the outside of Saks. But was only there a short when pulled back to Bergdorf with the explanation that “my skills were needed.” I finished some more Bergdorf lighting, labeled some stands, got to see a box that contains an albino peacock that has been stuffed. and de-schuzzed some beaches for the cosmetic department. them I moved onto Queens Center Mall.

    Fooffing and De-schuzzing are terms used at work, so I guess that makes them technical.

    Not sure what is in store for this week. Installing does not start until October 30th, then all hell breaks loose So I will keep you posted.

    Have a good week very one.





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