• Kate’s Great Adventure Week 6

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    Training was a time of learning. Not only did we learn how to do what they want us to do, they learned what we are good at.

    This explains the game changes on Monday morning, I now belonged to the Production Manager, lets call her Miss A. Bergdorf was winding down and apparently my tree/branch lighting skills were noticed, because I was now lighting branches for 3- 18 foot trees. Not just me, a bunch of us. The added fun was that these beaches were all ready decorated!!

    Tree decorating

    This is what my arms looked like after my first day. I think these scratches are from both Branches and decorations. The next day I was smart and wore a long sleeve shirt.

    We were refurbishing a clients trees, hence the decorations and there were times I had to cut the old lights off and then relight the branch. The first 2 branches I did were learning curve and remembering what they taught us. I’m not sure how many I did the first day, but myself and a returning person were keeping our Supervisor hopping keeping us in branches. I did 10 branches the second day, which I think was amazing. My competitiveness help me from getting bored, but I didn’t really have anyone to compete with…

    Tuesday was also Graduation day of sorts as we got our real tools, 2 t-shirts and a yellow plastic rain suit – Woooo Hooo!!!  NO there will not be pictures.

    ACI Uniform

    Wednesday was a tad bit of a surprise.

    I was promoted from lighting branches to decorating garland. I have to admit I was nervous. If you could see all the truly beautiful and dream like trees and wreaths the full time product people create you would know the pressure to step up and preform.

    Throwing caution to the wind I set to work. Knowing Miss A’s high standards from her approving the Bergdorf garlands I worked on earlier, I knew it had to be good, but as the full time Production Lady who ran the department I was working in said, “Do your best, if they don’t like it they will just make you do it over.”  To my surprise – Miss A said it was wonderful. I could work for compliments all day.

    BUT THEN – There was a call from Special Projects and I was needed back on Bergdorf. Miss A. requested I finish the garland I was working on and then return to Bergdorf, so I did.

    All I am going to say about Berdorf is that an Engineer is trying to make improvements to the process, so I was called to work on a prototype. Bergdorf is very organic, curvy, rustic, natural, and an Engineer is trying to project his ideal on an organic theme…. Luckily the Head Design Director is incredibly diplomatic.

    By Thursday noon I presented myself to Miss A and was placed back on my garlands. The garlands are for a new client Vince Camuto.  I am so glad they did not tell us this was for a new client until were done. I am not sure which store they are going in but I will try to find out.

    Tomorrow I will finish these garlands and wait to see what adventures next week brings.

    I hope this wasn’t too long, I have to admit it was nice to get a change of pace and a chance to flex my creative muscles.

    Until next time.


    P.S. Thanks Mom for making me take over the duties of lighting the Christmas Tree after Joey went to college. It helped me develop great skills.



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