• Kate’s Great Adventure- Here We Go….

    Posted on October 28, 2014 by in Adventure Awaits, Holiday Adventure, Latest Updates

    Much like the old trek up to the top of the highest hill of an old roller coaster- tension and excite have been building at work. More things getting done faster, and more people moving with purpose rather than killing time. Installation Season is here.

    I found out that My Installation Season does not start until Thursday October 30th. When I need to report to my first on site location at 9:00 P.M.

    (As you can tell I’m trying draw out the suspense) 

    I will be working at Sak’s Fifth Avenue!!!

    Thursday night is inside work and Friday and Saturday nights are outside work.

    I will be helping install these

    saks outside

    (Photo from Tracy’s New York Life)

    Or so my schedule says. I am pretty sure my job will be to “shape” the magnolia leaves into leaves and not “Dead Bats” as my supervisor called them.

    So no Halloween celebration for me- well not the usual anyways. But I will be posting pictures via instagram to my Twitter and Facebook page.

    Happy Halloween Everyone!!




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