• Kate’s Great Adventure – A KnitterlyAside

    Posted on October 7, 2014 by in Adventure Awaits, Holiday Adventure, Knitting, Latest Updates


    All the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

    One of my Coworkers, who I will refer to as K, approached me Monday morning and asked. “That thing you do with string, that thing you are always doing-” I replied, “Knitting”

    “Yeah knitting, is that addictive?” (I know every knitter is laughing)

    “It can be, why”

    “Well my Daughter celebrated her 11th birthday last week. We took her shopping for her Birthday gift and she choose 11 balls of string, 2 sticks and circle loom. I was wondering if I should be worried. I mean is that normal??”

    Secretly I celebrated the addiction of  yet another knitter. Then I explained that it is normal and knitting is a good thing. Its soothing and helps with focus and if he plays his cards right he might just get a sweater or hand knit socks.

    He then asked, “but 11 balls of string, that seems like a lot.”

    I laughed and replied, “To tell the truth, there is a knitting addiction and there is a YARN addiction. Sometime they go hand in hand sometimes not.”

    K then wanted to know how much yarn I had. Luckily the bell rang and work began. I know his family lives in a small apartment in NYC and I didn’t want to scare him.


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