• Kate Great Adventure Week 4

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    A Much Better Week –

    12 more people started on Monday… and this week they were prepared.

    Monday morning we were split up into smaller groups. There were 5 of us left on Bergdorf, which was a good amount. I managed to hold my managers attention long enough to figure out what needed to be redone,  and what was left to be completed.  Knowing where I am going helps prevent anxiety.

    You would think that after lighting over 25 of this silly garlands I would have a hang of it by now, but I don’t. At least I do not feel I do, and yet my co-workers always complement my work. Feeling down in the dumps about being one of 2 garland lighters left one day, I asked my manager if I was doing o.k.. He told me, I’m the best he’s got and if I wasn’t I wouldn’t be here. That was all I needed.  A little appreciation  goes a long way with me.

    Midweek, I got a break from staring at white christmas lights all day and another bolster to my self esteem by being picked by the Design Director (the Man who interviewed me) to assemble “Filler” for the 7 “Nests” that are installed at Bergdorf.  The Filler was/is made up of 4 kinds of silk leaf plants and bleached white baby’s breath. Picking and choosing as inspiration struck, we could make any combination of the 4 leaves and ½ with baby’s breath, in 3 sizes. Then wire them together to be tucked in here and there to finish the “Nests.” As the Design Director was showing us what he wanted, he was explaining that, Bergdorf’s “Organic Nature” is so different than all the other installations, making it harder to work on and requiring creative people.  (my self esteem grew 3 sizes that day)

     Woo Hoo!! a change of scene, a new activity and New GLITTER!!! My asthma only let me only let me worked on this for ½ day then back to lights because they were spray painting, without great ventilation, right next to where we were working. BUT instead of lighting garland, I got to light part of the arches I help assemble and watched them rip is apart to paint it. . .

    The Extra Good news is that if we work on Bergdorf at the warehouse we WILL BE AT THE INSTALL!!! Again- that was all I needed to hear for a while. And be prepared for PHOTO LADIDN BLOG POSTs of EVERYTHING I worked on!!!

    Next week training starts, which leads me to wonder what I have been doing all along. I guess I will find out next week.

    Time for the PHOTO part of the Blog

    This week, walking to the ladies room I walked past these HUGE Diamond Brooches, they are bigger than a cookie sheet. The tag on the back said, Harry Winston-

    Harry Winston Close up


    Harry Winston Dusk

    This is the official photo from the Harry Winston site.

    That is all for this week. See ya next week,


3 Responses so far.

  1. holly says:

    I’m glad it’s going better. I’m sure there will be more ups and downs. Event work is like that too – which what your doing is kind of extension of event work really.

  2. LaurelFayeo says:

    Glad your manager appreciated your time and talent.,& I am looking forward to all the new pics

  3. Darren says:

    Really enjoying the blog. As I remember from my many years of Christmas prep, you will be finding glitter in things until February. It is amazing seeing how it all happens though. Keep soaking it in and enjoy it.

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