• Kate’s Great Adventure Week 3

    Posted on September 28, 2014 by in Adventure Awaits, Holiday Adventure, Latest Updates


    If you want to avoid reading about my submersion into reality, just read the next 2 lines.

    I use to think it was amazing what this company does to get NYC ready for the Holidays. After only 3 weeks, I now find it a Miracle.

    Time for a cuppa while I review last week.

     taken last Christmas.

    I fear I might get a wee bit negative, I will do my best not to.

    First let me say that I was raised to work. I like to work. The harder I work, the better I sleep at night. I was not taught patiences or the ability to stand around  and chit chat. Chit Chat makes me really uncomfortable. I say this all because 32 more people started last Monday, not that anyone had planned projects for them when they arrived. This, coupled with the fact that we ran out of white lights for Bergdorf, lead to a good amount of standing around and moving from one half finished project to another. By the time the lights did arrive, we were behind so they threw a lot of people on the project and spent my week redoing their work.

    I have to admit the Bergdorf project is getting a little annoying, as there is Glitter EVERYWHERE. In the car, in my bedroom and YES in my underwear.

    Mooooving On, we found out training starts (?)  the second week of October and we should be getting our schedule soon after that.

    Yup the magic has gone for the time being, but  I am hoping that my first night of crazy installing will bring it all back.

    We will see.


    Post Script: I found out why they scrape the bark off the branches before they paint them. As the branch dries and shrinks the bark falls off and would take the paint and glitter with it. Good to know if I ever think to recreate my own Bergdorf-ish Arch for the holidays.


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