• Kate’s Great Adventure~ 1st Week Wrap Up.

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    1 cut finger

    2 blisters

    5 bruises

    at least 7 scratches

    and more time on a ladder in the past 2 days than in the last 5 years.  (standing over 45 minutes on a ladder and working is a special skill requiring special muscles I appear to have lost.)

    Also a MAJOR review of the magic and mysteries of CO-Workers. I will say I have mellowed since I last had Co-Workers, about 5 years ago, but more mellowing is always a good thing. We will just file the experience under “Be Careful What You Ask For” and move on.


    It has been Bergdorf Goodman all week and more glitter in my car than if I had small female children in my life full time. The arch is built, it needs to painted, glittered and then light.

    Thursday afternoon a meeting was called for all the current decorators and we were given a Demo on how to light the twig garland that ate up my arms earlier in the week. Very Exciting.

    The garlands are hung vertical and receive 100 lights in a retentive manner I can admire.  The demo ended with 3 of the installation supervisors telling us, “Don’t worry Your first one always has to be re-done.” The perfectionist in me chomped down on that gauntlet and is still wrestling with it.  I did not complete my first garland on Friday so I will let you know how I did on Monday.


    It is soooo hard not to take pictures of all the amazing things I see. Like GIANT Candy Canes, Huge Santa Thrones, massive Christmas bulbs and a pile of swept up glitter on the floor deep enough to cover your shoes.  So much Glitter ~ Maratha Stewart would be in heaven~

    There is another team at American Christmas they call Production- this team assembles a zillion wreaths, garlands and checks a Kazillion lights on all kinds of things. Like this Ribbon and Panther (which is huge and really cute and I can not wait to see it light up) 

    Photo via http://www.citygalonthego.com/2012/12/24/merry-christmas-from-fifth-avenue/

    Cartier – 5th Ave NYC

    This photo was found at the blog  The City Gal on the Go She has lots of great photos of NYC decorated for the holidays.

    It is always fun to walk past production to see what they are working on and trying to figure out where it is going. On Friday, Production was working on the garland with the Red Cartier boxes that can be found lower on The City Gal’s blog.

    So that is it of now. I am going to go soak my feet and hands. I wish and dream desperately for a nice hot bath…..

    See ya next week,







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