• Kate’s Amazing Glitter Covered Adventure Day 2

    Posted on September 9, 2014 by in Adventure Awaits, Holiday Adventure, Latest Updates


    Did you know glitter comes in 5 gallon pails, ok maybe not a pail so much as a big wonking box.

    That is just one of the many things I learned today.

    I was promoted, and even skipped a step in the pretty white glittery branch production.

    Ever wonder why you have a hard time DIYing these at home?? –>We double dip in white paint then pour glitter all over them.

    I got to skip the double dip process and was put on Glitter Duty. Its was a big ole sand box FULL OF GLITTER!!! It gets in shoes, in your gloves, and yes in your bra. Luckily, I had protective eye wear so it didn’t get in my eyes.  A coworker suggested I pull up the hood of my telex suit so it did’t get in my hair- HA I laughed and said, “as if anyone would notice anymore white or shiny in my hair!!”

    Soon I was pulled and placed on stick garland refurbishing detail. I surprised 3 men and a few ladies at my strength and work ethic. I’m a little sore and I really scratched my arms up, but I did it. We were stringing up on carts 10 foot lengths of garland, 12″ think, that is made of a sticks.  They need a fresh coat of paint and GLITTER and Lights. I got to go around and tighten out saggy garlands with zip-ties.

    I giggle at the thought of regular old Zip-Ties at Bergdorf’s – is it’s just me? 

    I can not take pictures at work so Im going to scour the Web to find what I’m looking for. I found this picture  of the garland I was working on, at the blog  Rocken’ Robins Red Nest

    Photo via http://www.rockinrobin.me/bergdorf-goodman-tour/

    White Stick Garland at Bergdorf Goodman’s

    Today, I also learned that Ukrainians can usually speak Russian, but Russians can not always speak Ukrainian. I’m meeting so many interesting people.

    Off to pack lunch.



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  1. LaurelFaye says:

    Wow, sounds like a fun day . You’ll be brushing and shaking out glitter for a long while

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