• My Golden Mess.

    Posted on December 5, 2013 by in Latest Updates, My Projects, Throw Back Thursdays, Work in Progress


    This weeks project is a crazy lace sweater that I am only just past armhole shaping on the back-

    Crazy Lace Sweater -

    The issue here is that I was unclear about where the design was going. I had an idea and was unclear on the execution. So here is sits.

    I just pulled it out to count how many skeins of yarn are involved – 5 ¾ balls of Super Kid Mohair and Seta Silk- It’s amazing!!

    I hold it up and wonder why I am not wearing this?

    Crazy Lace

    Crazy Lace is a type of lace that allows you to put holed and their decreases anywhere you want. You do not need a pattern you just yarn over and perform your desired decrease anywhere you want. It is a lot f fun. This is a great book that explains all about it  I took a class with Myra Wood that got me hooked.

    -Again – between the fun knitting and the fabulous yarn Why is this not done?

    I was trying to get it done for some event- Stitches or TNNA something….

    Well I am completing this one.

    My Questions for you is Cardigan or pullover???

    Let me know what you think!!

    Blissful Knitting,


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