• Throw Back Thursday – Getting back on track-

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    Sorry this got derailed and all I can say is that phrase “Tomorrow never comers” is completely true. I kept putting off writing my post and they ended….

    Well here we go again… Let’s start with a recap.

    Fanning the Flames Mitts-

    TBT 1a

    10 of you want me to complete them – The good thing is I want to complete them so I will keep them close, as I know I have a big project coming up and will want a little something on the side.

     Log Cabin Blanket

    Throw Back Thursday - Log Cabin Cotton Rug

    There were 3 rips and 1 give away-

    I am ripping and debating between dishcloths and giving it away-

    Any One out there who wants 900 gms of aran weight cotton??

    Sock Blankie

    Throw Back Thursday  - Sock Blankie

    7 of you told me it’s a keeper, and in my heart I agree. Even with the bigger blocks  I think I would really regret getting rid of this one.

    Oh and Linda- I’ll take any sock yarn scraps you have- Wrap them up for my Birthday!!

    Venomous Tentacula

    Throw Back Thursday - Venomous Tentacula

    I got 6 rips, 1 give away and 1 finish. I have to be honest- I really like the combination of yarn pattern and Harry Potter on this one. I know I sounded sick of this project, but I think I am going to keep it. In spring I will have to hunker down and get it done.

    Hubs 2nd Sweater –

    Throw Back Thursdays – 2nd Sweater for Hubs

    There were no comments at all – This is either a ripper or a vest, if only I had some one in my life who would wear a sweater vest.

    I was going to give the unopened 10 balls of Navy yarn away as a prize but I will have to think about that.

    Lacy Mitts

    Easy Chalice Lace Mitts

    There were 4 rip comments so rip I will. I will make designs notes and maybe make it in to a new design someday.

    Sucker Scarf

    TBT 7

    Thanks to my friend Rick for the comment. I am not sure I have to guts to cut the yarn, but I am going to rip the scarf and start a cowl pattern that I have been waiting to get to.

    Well that covers the recap-

    I will be back next Thursday with another forgotten project and a Give Away to get Throw Back Thursday underway again.

    Blissful Knitting until then,


2 Responses so far.

  1. Linda says:

    You made me smile this evening. I needed that. Can’t wait to read the next continuing saga of “how in the hell are Kate’s projects doing” (my new title). Happy knitting, my friend!

  2. Martha says:

    Does your Hubd wear the 1st sweater? If so, I’d finish the 2nd one!

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