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    Posted on November 12, 2013 by in Crochet, Latest Updates, My Projects


    I must confess – I don’t do baby things.

    When a baby shower comes up I go buy diapers and my favorite story book, The Giving Tree and wrap it up.

    Babies are messy and new Mums are busy, tired and stressed out. And I am not wasting my time knitting a baby garment to puked on and wrecked in the dryer.  (Yes I am bitter over a past experiences.)


    Last Winter my dear friend Kimberly told me she was pregnant there was an odd spark inside me and I had an urge to make something.  I was just beginning my quilting classes and knew I could make a baby quilt.  I automatically started shopping for fabric.


    No surprise but I don’t do baby colors either-  

    The world is way to pretty for just pink for girls.

    A baby quilt it was – sewing is soooo much faster than knitting…. A lovely Tossed 9 patch was started.


    Later in Spring, as I was tying to figure out what to with my quilt top,  I had an urge to crochet a baby blanket. Crochet goes soooooo much faster than knitting.

    Plus I have always wanted to recreate the blanket my Great-Grandmother made my Mother when she was born and now I had my chance.


    I got my hands on this beautiful  heirloom last Spring when I was helping my Mum clean out the cedar closet. 

    Kimberly is well connected in the Knitting world.  Kimberly knits and crochets herself. Kimberly’s HUSBAND knits and spins. A lovely couple who are definitely knowledgeable in the care of handmade items.

    Their Baby came early in June instead of July… All was fine and she is a beautiful Baby…. I was no where near done!

    The baby blanket turned out more of a car seat cover but I think it is pretty cool.

    Mine and Mummas 2

    I could block the blanket out to the same size as my Mums but it was made for a busy family so it is just wash and dry.

    I crochet the blanked with Kraemer Yarns Saucon Sock for a easy clean and easy care.  Mine and Mummas

    I am really proud of my finally completed baby quilt. I mean REALLY proud- this is my fist completed quilt made 100% by me!!

    My quilt

    Luckily the Darling Baby is only 5 months old and winter is coming!! 

    M Both gifts

    Blissful knitting every one,


    P.S. Kimberly, I am popping this in the mail today.

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  1. Kimberly says:

    Dudette. I am seriously crying hoppy tears!! The quilt and blanket are GORGEOUS!! When I first saw that you were crocheting that blanket, I totally admired it and hoped you would write up the pattern so I can buy it. Never in a thousand years did I think you were making it for us. Thank you, THANK YOU!! <3

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