• Throw Back Thursdays – 2nd Sweater for Hubs

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    Throw Back Thursdays – 2nd Sweater for Hubs

    This one was shocking.

    I was amazed to pull so much knitted fabric out of the bag. This was going to be the 2nd sweater for my Husband. I have the back done and the front above the armholes.  I stopped because I wanted to make a Henley and was unsure how I wanted to preform the neck shaping.

    This is a fine shining example of me starting before I know where I am going.

    I am not sure what to do here.  This is over 4 years old. It is Cascade, Cash Vero, which I now see is discontinued; luckily I have 10 balls in an unopened bag if WE decided to make sleeves.

    I have to admit I am not attached or sentimental about this at all, but still shocked I spent this much time on it.

    SO Should I

    Save it for Someday

                Rip it and Recycle the yarn


                            Get rid of it.

    And the Winner is . . .

    Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 7.01.42 AM


    Counting top down – Jennifer is the winner!!

    Jennifer says:

    1). Do you, or someone you know, love/will love the scarf it will eventually be? If you could only have 3 WIPSs, would it be one if them? Are you more than 60% done (remember, garter stitch)? If the answers are yes, keep it. If not, rip it out and recycle the yarn. Great colors in the yarn!

    Jennifer please Email me  your shipping address so I can pop your prize in the mail.

    Email me at Kate@KateLemmersDesigns.com

    Thank You to Every One who entered.

    Stayed Tuned – there will be more Give Aways in the future – I am thinking 10 balls of Navy Blue yarn.

    Blissful Knitting,


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  1. Just RSVPed for space on the bus to Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival! I’m now ready for October to get here.

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