• Throw Back Thursday – Venomous Tentacula

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    Throw Back Thursday - Venomous Tentacula

    According to my Ravelry Project page – I started this April 17, 2011

    I thought it would be a “Fun easy project for Knit Night.”


    I love the color and the pattern and the needle I just am not a big fan of garter stitch….

    And keeping track of those holes during Knit Night did not work.

    The pattern name is Venomous Tentacula from Harry Potter, you can find the pattern on Ravelry

     SO Should I

    Save it for Someday

                Rip it and Recycle the yarn


                            Get rid of it.

    Slipped Stitch Studios Magnetic Bookmarks

    Speaking of Keeping track –

    Leave a Comment below to enter to win a set of Slipped Stitched Studios Magnetic Book Markers

    Great for all your place keeping needs.

    Give Away ends at Midnight September 25th 2013 (easter standard time)

    Random Number Generator will pick the winner who will be announced on September 26 2013

    Blissful Knitting,



11 Responses so far.

  1. Rich says:

    I love the yarn. Based on your notes, I’d say rip and recycle.

  2. I say rip and reuse. Life is too short to knit garter stitch if you don’t enjoy it.

  3. Martha says:

    Rip & recycle. It’s pretty yarn but the pattern does nothing for you.

  4. pooch2 says:

    I would rip and reuse the yarn for a charity shawl. Love the colors!


  5. Susan says:

    yup those holes could be really tricky! but the magnetic book marks would be really useful

  6. Anna W says:

    Save it for someday…it’s very interesting!

  7. Deb says:

    Rip and recycle… the color way is charming and right on trend for fall

  8. Jennifer says:

    1). Do you, or someone you know, love/will love the scarf it will eventually be? If you could only have 3 WIPSs, would it be one if them? Are you more than 60% done (remember, garter stitch)? If the answers are yes, keep it. If not, rip it out and recycle the yarn. Great colors in the yarn!

  9. knitstamatic says:

    You know, I think those holes make it very interesting but if you really dislike knitting garter stitch then it will likely never be finished. I’d say it’s a goner.

  10. LaurelFaye( RYarns) says:

    If you aren’t a fan of garter st, recycle yarn and save pattern for another time . You never know, you might want to do a garter st project in the future. This is a lovely pattern

  11. Denise Clare says:

    This is really cool yarn.

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