• Throw Back Thursday – Log Cabin Cotton Rug

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    Throw Back Thursday - Log Cabin Cotton Rug

    A Friend of mine has a mother who did not like wool or was allergic or lived in Florida, it is so long now I cannot remember. Whatever the reason, she used cotton or a cotton silk blend for everything she knit for her mother.  She used this cotton yarn to make a sweater for her Mom. As she was completing the pieces she noticed that there was dyeing issue in the yarn even though each skein had the same dye lot number. Frustrated and tired of the project she gave it to me.

    I ripped everything and balled the yarn and it sat for 2 years. When my husband I moved into our new place, over a year and half ago, I thought a rug for the upstairs landing would be wonderful…

    I have since bough a run and here the project sits.

     SO Should I

    Save it for Someday

                Rip it and Recycle the yarn


                            Get rid of it.

    Leave  Your Suggestions on my blog.


    And the Winner from last weeks Give Away  is . . .

    Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 12.00.08 AM


    Dianne Nichols

    Dianne Please email me your mailing address at Kate@KateLemmersDesigns.com and I will get your prizes in the mail.


    I am going to keep both projects and and plan to finish the Jitterbug in January if not before. Hopefully completing that one will remind me how to make the Noro one. I can always use up some silk garden scraps to make a pair.

    Blissful Knitting until next week!!


4 Responses so far.

  1. Jeanie says:

    Rip it and give the yarn away. It doesn’t look like you were enjoying the project.

  2. Kimberly says:

    I agree with Jeanie. RIP!!

  3. Jacqui Tondreau says:

    I’d give this one away. It’s been through 2 people already… maybe the third time’s the charm!

  4. Judy Legere says:

    I agree, itsn’t doing anything for me either. May it RIP!!

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