• Time to get back to my needles

    Posted on August 8, 2013 by in Crochet, Knitting, Latest Updates, My Projects

    I have begun Christmas Knitting.

    Well actually I have begun my Christmas Knitting List.  This list balloons and shrinks as time, desire, ideas, patterns and yarn flow in and out of my days and weeks leading up to the Holiday.

    Christmas Knitting List

    Truth be told, and I think I have said here before, I am a selfish knitter. I am my #1 recipient of knit goods, which I have discovered is kinda rare, so many people knit for others.  I know people who begin knitting in spring for the Holidays. They make each member of their family a sweater and several hats and scarves along the way.

    I did once design and knit a baby sweater for my favorite cousin. I never heard a thing until it was destroyed in the wash and she asked for another one….  I did include washing instructions; I made it out of superwash-wool. I put buttonholes on both side of the band and sent extra buttons along so it could be past down to all of her babies.

    I have made my husband several things, some he has asked for, some I thought he needed. He has yet to wear ANY of them. He admitted after turning 2 heels and starting gussets that he really did want hand knit socks and does not wear his skull and cross bones hat.

    I love hand made things; they show some one took the time to invest a little bit of themselves to make something for me. Hand made things are special and need to be treated with as much care as went into making them.

    Being efficient (or Lazy) I only want to knit something for someone who will appreciate it. I want to use good yarn and enjoy the process not cheap yarn because the receipting isn’t going to take of it.  I have heard the person who meets all this criteria is called “Knit Worthy”

    I hope your life has just the right amount of Knit Worthy People, enough to enjoy the creating process without losing sleep over it all.

    Blissful Knitting



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