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    Well I got all 36 + 2 extra Log Cabin Squares complete for my Amish with a Twist 2 block of the month project.  Just in time to pick up my next kit and get ready for my next class.

    38 log Cabin Blocks


    In the mean time I had gotten tired of the way my work area was looking – cluttered and piled just like I said I would not get, so I decided to take one pile off it.

    The lucky pile was of my husbands old work t-shirts, white Hanes t-shirts he wears everyday to work. I have had several piles of these thru the years but, they all had hit the dust before I ever did anything with them. Well this pile was going to make its way into my final desire or I was going to give up on it.

    I have always wanted a rug made of t-shirt yarn, henceforth called Tarn. I have seen so many people make these and it seamed so much better than throwing the t-shirts in the landfill.

    So with all my quilting stuff out cutting the shirts into strips would be easy-

    Making Tarn

    I used Polka Dot Pineapple’s directions to make Tarn

    making tarn


    Then I started searching around Ravelry for a good rug pattern – so many to choose from.

    I started with By Your Bed by Ooty Yaacobi

    By Your Bed Rug

    After discovering I had more than enough tarn and knowing that I wanted a round rug I ripped that you and tried Creative Jewish Mom’s Giant Crocheted Doily Rug Pattern

    tarn rug

    It is very pretty, but I would not have enough tarn to finish it and I found the big holes uncomfortable on my little feet.

    Then I remembered a rug I needed to order the book for-  Crochet Collections

    crochet collection

    I ran to my stash and found some R2 tarn I had got for a sweet price at a yarn swap and started again.

     3rd time is a charm

    Wa La – One Pile cleaned out and one Tarn Rug made.

    Tarn Rug


    Feels good to clean a pile of my desk and to to have a nice new rug!!

    Happy Crafting!



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