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    New Feature – Work in Progress Wednesdays!

    Since I am on a knitting/designing hiatus I have had some time to fill and it appears I have filled it with fabric- Quilting fabric to be precise .

    I have been dabbling with it for a little while and it appears that it has stuck, so much so I have started a quilting fabrics stash.   It is modest but it is all mine.

    A few weeks ago I went into the City (NYC) to knit a bit with my friend Suzy (aka Knitting Knoobie) after talking and tea and knitting and a wonderful pizza she had errands to run and I wanted to check out the City Quilter

    city quilter

    Located on 25th Street between  6th & 7th  Avenue It is delightful shop filled with fabulous fabrics including a whole New York City line!

    While I wondered around this amazing quilt caught my eye –

    city quilters sampler

    There was a sign next to it that said sign up for our Amish with a Twist II class.

    Overwhelmed and high on Fabric fumes, I picked up some Fat Quarters, a book of modern quilt blocks, a wonderful stitch ripper, and a copy of their newsletter then headed home.

    Reading the newsletter on the train I saw the class started the following Saturday- I discussed it with Hubs and called to sign up. Only having 2 days before class and knowing picking 27 different fabrics of 3 different values would drive me insane, and knowing I was drawn to the one in the shop I opted for the kit (one of my better decisions)

    I was so excited to be taking this class, I didn’t even mind taking a 24 x 6″ plastic ruler thru Grand Central Station. The class was wonderful. my fellow students and the instructor are so kind. The Class meets once a month May thru October. The Quilt is 105″ square and has a background of 36 Log Cabin blocks. The wise instructor choose to give us all summer to sew them up this is where we start.

    Being sort of new to all this and actually looking about what I had to do, I got very overwhelmed but started the cutting


    stitching and pressing

    half way

    I have 9 blocks done with another 10 started.


    Stay tuned for my Amish with a Twist updates, and as always

    Blissful Knitting



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