• One More Stop on the Way Home

    Posted on May 2, 2013 by in Adventure Awaits, Latest Updates, Review - Preview, Road Trip

    I was so jazzed when I left Jaala’s I was in the mood to drive all night- filling the fuel tank and calling my dear husband put me on the right track to find a hotel and sleep for a while.

    Tuesday I just drove

    I had an extra bit of fun sending post cards to a beloved twitter friend’s daughter; her class was collecting them this year. So each state I went thru I found, wrote out and sent a post card.

    collecting post cards I made my way to the east side of Ohio by 8 pm 548 miles plus some because I missed Exit 16 in Indiana, I always do….

    Indiana & Ohio  I woke up at 4 am and decided rather than trying to go back to bed I would wash up and hit the road, I was really ready to get home.  I had one more stop to make before home though and I did not want to skip this one.

    I arrived in State College Pennsylvania at 9 am. I grabbed a doughnut, some fuel and took a nap in a parking lot waiting for my friend’s incredible yarn and fabric shop to open.

    It was fun to see the look on Cynthia’s face when I walked into her shop- Stitch Your Art Out.

    She did a double take and then came and gave me a big hug.

    Cynthia and I

    Cynthia and her friend and co owner Kim own this remarkable shop. Stuffed to the brim with lovely fabrics and beautiful yarn.

    Stitch Your Art Out

    I was in the mood for another quilting project and had to get some yarn of course.

    A little over an hour and I had picked out fabric for a quilt and some yarn for brioche play.

    2 skeins of Interlacements Shepard’s Worsted

    2 Cascade 220 as compliment

    a boat load of cut fabric, and batik rolls and fat quarters

    Stitch Your Art Out Loot

    I love this shop and recommend it to any one in the area.

    Stitch Your Art Out FabricStitch Your Art Out Yarns

    I left with all my goodies right on time and arrived home at 4:30, for a total of 2,566 miles.

    It was a wonderful trip and worth every minute of it!!

    Time to find a place for all this fabric and yarn. They will be happy memories when I start working with them.


    Blissful Knitting,


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