• Knit Tips for Sheepy Shenanigans

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    In honor of the 40th Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival I am sharing Tips for attending such amazing yarnie fibery goodness.

    It’s Wednesday and you should be finding it hard to concentrate at work….Rhinebeck Sheep 2 2012

    Yesterday we covered the importance of comfortable shoes-  Todays tips is along the same lines and come to us from Anne and Lynne who shared their wisdom.

    Dress in Layers and carry a tote bag or wear something with pockets –

    Layers are good because  weather changes, morning afternoon and evening the temperatures fluctuate, even from outside to inside or into the shade to watch the dog herding contests.  Dressing in layers help you control your own temperature keeping you comfortable while you enjoy the festival.

    Pockets and/or Tote bag is smart too. They provide you a place to put all the business cards your collect, to hold your map and list of venders, to contain all your purchases in-between trips out to the car.

    When in a crowded areas it is a good idea to hold your bag in front of you so as not to Rhinbeck Bags

    • whack the person behind you when you turn around
    • knock over a display 
    • prevent some one from “Picking” thru it 

    I know I can forget about my big bag behind me when enthralled by a must have yarn crush but it is my bag and I am responsible for all the damage it does… 

    Please keep posting your tip as a comment on my Blog for a chance to win a skein of

    The Sanguine Gryphon Bugga color way  Red Spotted Purple Butterfly

    I will be accepting Tips thru Thursday, May 2nd at 10 PM Eastern Time.

    I will post the randomly drawn Winner on Friday, May 3rd at Noon.

    Blissful Knitting & I enjoy reading all your GREAT tips!!


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