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    In honor of the 40th Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival we are sharing Tips for attending such amazing yarnie fibery goodness.

    We have covered what to wear, what to bring with you, where to get the all the information to make your plan my last tip is one of the most important – The Budget

    I know what can happen- the colors, the fumes, the furore, the frenzy- You buy all the beautiful things  and then you are eating Ramen Noodles for months. It is hard to control yourself sometimes but Now is the time to make a plan, while you are far away from the fibery fumes!! A few ideas to help you plan your budgeting would be-

    • Bring only one credit card you wrap in a slip of paper with your limit on it.
    • Plan and buy for only one project
    • Wait 10 minutes and see if you still want it or have found something else
    • Walk thru the whole building then decide what you really want in there.
    • Let fate decide – go back for it later, if it is still there it is meant to be yours
    • Pause and ask yourself – Do I REALLY need this?
    • ¬†Carry cash, (safely in your front pocket) when the cash is gone – go home.

    I hope every one lucky enough to attend this years Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival has a wonderful, safe and Fiber Filled time!!

    I hope you have enjoyed my tips and I hope to see you there!!

    You can find me at the Fiber Space Sip and Knit Booth around 1:00 on Sunday!!

    Blissful Knitting,


    Credit Graphics Fairy


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  1. Susie says:

    Love all your tips. They really are all sensible and great tips. Even if I only keep to 50% of them, I’ll be quite successful.

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