• Time for a Road Trip

    Posted on April 26, 2013 by in Adventure Awaits, Latest Updates, Road Trip

    I really have a hard time with the way airlines treat you these days and my past few attempts in air travel have not been really pleasant. It was time to see my Mum so I decided to drive the 1100 miles that separate us. Plotting out the trip, also I decided to stop and see some friends along the way,another luxury air travel does not easily provide.

    I loaded up my car and on Tuesday, April 16th I headed out. I was wondering why Pennsylvania was so long, then I remembered that I added 125 miles onto to trip my moving to White Plains NY. I have to say I love Interstate 80 thru Ohio, the scenery isn’t much but the rest area along the toll road are AMAZING- and I do not say that lightly.

    Welcome to Ohio

    I have traveled via automobile over much of the USA and the Rest Area in Ohio are among the top 5 that I have experienced. Their clean and shiny and they have Penny Masher Machines in every one….

    Shiny Ohio Rest Area


    Penny Masher

    My first stop was 500 miles away in Michigan.

    Welcome to Michigan






    I had a warm bed waiting for me at my friend Jill Bigelow-Suttell’s darling house.

    My Friend Jill

    I stayed long enough to hear about Jill’s latest adventure, Her and her Mom are writing a book. They are working on self-publishing, a digital copy will be available first and hopefully a print copy to follow. I saw a little bit of what they a working on and I know I can’t wait. I even have ready for a project as I can get my hot little hands on it.

    Speaking of Hot Little Hands- I noticed on my way to Jill’s that I passed Hell. Yupe Hell, Michigan. I knew I had to stop in and get a t-shirt and Jill was so very kind to take me to Hell and then get me headed for the Highway again.

    A Hellish Tourist

    I figured any trip that started in Hell could only get better-

    I wrote out a few post cards (I could have spent all day writing postcards to friends, enemies and frienenmies but I knew Mum was waiting for) 

    Popped my post cards in the mail and hit the road again.

    Post Office in Hell

    The post Office in Hell – surprisingly no long line?!?!?!

    Stay tuned as the adventure continues –


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