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    The weather was as nice as it could be for January as I walked each morning from Grand Central Station to Time Square. Vogue Knitting Live had moved from the Hyatt further up town it the Marriott Marquee in the heart of Time Square. How perfect was it to have a huge billboard of Ryan Gosling in Gangster Squad hanging from the building.

    Hey Girl

    Hey Girl- Welcome to Vogue Knitting Live!!

    Since this weekend was my birthday present from my extremely wonderful accepting and encouraging husband I made the most of it with classes every day, Thank you Darling.

    I am a closet knitter, meaning that most of the time, I knit alone. It is always thrilling for me to go hang out with a bunch of other knitters. To have the chance to take classes from amazing designers and teachers is the cherry on top.

    Friday’s big even for me was listening to June Hemmons Hiatt talk about writing both editions of Principles of Knitting. It makes owning this book even more precious. To hear about all the hard work that went into them. How she took a scientific approach to study every little thing that affects our knitting. It truly is a textbook of knitting. Thank you June for all your hard work and dedication.
    Principles of Knitting

    Saturday had a double whammy of wonderful. My first class of the day was Beyond Basic Brioche with Nancy Marchant – Of what fun that was.
    It was easier than I thought and so much more fun, especially with all the great things Nancy is doing it. I already have projects planned and I scored the market for yarn.

    My afternoon class was with Franklin Habit. For those who know Franklin, he was kilt less, but still a super teacher. He taught me Photographing Your Fiber. He is an amazing teacher who used great examples and passion to make taking photographs analogous to knitting or crocheting. All the laughs were an added bonus.
    I do not have a photo of Franklin, as the lighting in the room was horrid, but I do have a photo of the lovely yarn he shared with us. Lopi Einband laceweight. I was so thrilled I ran right to the market to get some Kid Silk Haze Stripe to brioche with it!!

    Sunday was Cable Play with Fiona Ellis- again no photos… (I am just awful at this aren’t I.) Fiona is a great teacher. Her explanations, examples and demonstrations alone are worth the price of admission. I will not be able to cable without a good giggle ever again, thanks Fiona.

    It amazes me that even when I take classes on things I have done before, I always learn something new. I guess that is one of the things that makes knitting so wonderful, there are so many ways to do it, there is always something to learn.

    Next post will be about my Vogue Knitting Loot-

    Blissful Knitting Every one!!


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