• The Adventure of Hubs Last Sweater….

    Posted on December 7, 2012 by in Inspiration, Knitting, Latest Updates, New Design

    I love my husband for many reasons. One reason is he knows what a lint trap is, where it is and how to empty it. For this reason- the yarn must be washable. Which is good, because superwash is soft. Yet, I know it stretches so I need to watch my gauge.

    My husband likes black, but I refuse! I will concede charcoal grey or navy blue.

    The Yarn: What I have found that I cannot wait to knit is Buckland by Valley Yarns. It is 60% Fine Superwash Merino Wool, 20% Silk, 20% Nylon. A lovely, soft, chainette yarn in a rich Charcoal Grey with a slight sheen. The label says superwash, but the care instructions say hand wash- so I will wash the swatch to see what happens.

    KLD Hub's Last Sweater

    The stitch pattern: I know he likes Stockinette stitch, even though he has been amazed by some of my cabled garments admitting he would wear them…. personally I do not think he knows what he wants… I also know that I will not ever complete a plain Stockinette stitch garment for a large man. To make us both happy, I am choosing a simple 6 st cable with a K2, P2 accent, just enough to keep me awake.

    KLD Hub's Last Sweater  This is unblocked, and the cable will not alternated like this but will mirror each-other on each side of the opening. I did not cut the yarn in case I need to unravel this swatch to sew up the garment, and these are the needles I knit the swatch with, so these are the needles I will knit the sweater with.

    The design: He keeps talking about his hooded sweatshirt, so it will be a cardigan with a zipper. He has strong handsome shoulders so it will be a saddle shoulder. It is for work so I am torn between a crew neck or a high v-neck to accent his white shirt collar and tie. He is pretty traditional so it will have the traditional ribbing on all the edges.

    KLD Hub's Last Sweater

    Something like this.

    Now to hold him down and measure him for the perfect fit…


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