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    My husband has been asking for a sweater for years now. I made him one but it was very, very early on in my knitting career and I deemed it HUO – Home Use Only. I have started several and abandoned many. There are 2 on needles stashed away . . . waiting.

    I love my husband, but he is picky. I have knit him slippers he doesn’t wear slippers. I have knit him numerous hats he only wears the cheap ugly one when he shovels snow. I have knit him one sock to try on and he informed me that I did not have to knit the second one. I have knit him 3 scarves he doesn’t wear one of them, “they shed on my good white work shirts.”

    Put a Skull on it -


    Make me a sweater he asked, but it cannot be to long, or to short, nothing fancy but not to plain, a collar but not a big collar, the yarn cannot be itchy, make sure the shoulders fit, but nothing funny. I want it like my hooded sweatshirt but without the hood but it should be nice so I can wear it to work, and it should have a skull on it……


    I tried several idea, several ways to knit it, and I do not know how many yarns – all with no luck. I have tried to make it for Christmas 3 years now and I never make it. I am almost always derailed by boredom.

    It has become a painful joke “Is this the year I get my sweater?” jab jab- “Are you going to wear one of the other hats I have made you??”  jab jab.

    A heart felt request came again late last summer, the walk to the train this winter would be much nicer with a hand knit sweater to wear.

    FINE! But if I try this again, I am going to design a sweater just for you, the only input you have is your measurements, and if you do not wear this sweater, you will never, not ever, get another hand knit thing from me again.

    So this is the adventure of Hubs Last Sweater….

    So this is the adventure of Hubs Last Sweater….

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