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    I am so lucky that I get to laugh so much with my family. Jokes, snappy oneliners and gag gifts are pretty common fair whenever we get together. Getting someone to laugh so hard tears fill their eyes, or in my case until milk, water, beer, or wine comes out  my nose seems to be an unspoken goal.

    One such memorable on going batch of humor started with Click & Clack’s funny names that always run at the end of their show such as the lawyers Dewey, Cheetham & Howe, or their bail bond provider Freida Gogh

    This is when Ivanna Nit-Moore was born, along with Anita Vacation, Ida Baffoon, Phil Mc Kracken, he is an Irish drywaller, and a whole bunch of Pats that can not published here, my niece and nephew were in junior high school at the time and shocking us was their goal. Time passed and this phase faded and yet, from time to time some one comes up with a new one or pulls out a good old one.

    Meet one of those – The Fall Guy-  Mr. Leaf Raker

    KLD Mr. Leaf Raker

    named by my nephew as he was modeling it.

    KLD Mr. Leaf Raker front

    A wonderful textured cable pattern fills this pullover sweater with hearty sophistication.  From chores to errands to the office this crew neck provides warmth and class to keep every man looking his best. The modified drop shoulder accents big strong shoulders and the crew neck frames his handsome face.

    This pattern is available at

    Ravelry, Craftsy and Patternfish

    Available in 5 sizes 36″ through 52″ chest. Uses Worsted weight yarn,

    KLD Mr. Leaf Raker back

    He never did finish raking our lawn…

    Blissful Knitting,


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