• Fancy Ewe or One Thing Leads to Another-

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    I have a very hard time making more than one of anything…. I get bored, I start playing with the pattern and making little changes then all of a sudden I have something familiar yet new…

    Deborah Newton, in her book, Designing Knitwear, advises when a design is complete to ask yourself “What if?” This is a review of the design, to question the function, success and what you might do differently next time and to think abut new ways of applying similar techniques.

    I have always found this to be a wonderful idea, but have never really done it. A mental note slipped into my back pocket for a rainy day when I felt I had run out of ideas… Then I found myself knitting a bunch of Hold Ewe’r Hands and mixed Deborah’s idea with my tendency to change things and made a conscience effort to change, morph and create a new design.

    Looking for something more challenging with depth, but not to elaborate to be lost in the beauty of the yarn, I created Fancy Ewe.

    Fancy Ewe Mitts

    For my latest design I  used Cephalopod Yarns DK weight superwash yarn called Traveller,in stunningly beautiful colors.

    Fancy Ewe Mitts

    I must confess – This yarn was a big gasp, gotta have it now or I will die, purchase that was over and done before I exhaled… Then I thought, “Monitor colors may vary” what have I done. But when it arrived at my door, it was more beautiful than I thought….

    Cephalopod Yarns Traveller

    I wanted to make something special with this yarn – when I completed my idea above I knew this was the yarn for it.

    At 280 yards there was a lot of yarn left over, I could make another pair, but I wanted different, something more. Not knowing if I would have enough for a hat- I decided on a cowl, did the math and casted on.

    The cowl is 21” around and 6” high, not real high but just enough.

    Fancy Ewe Mitts and Cowl

    This pattern is available on Ravelry, Craftsy and Patternfish.

    I hope you enjoy knitting them as much as you do wearing them. I know I do!!

    Blissful Knitting,


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