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    I will be attending the Duchess County Sheep and Wool festival in Rhinebeck NY on Saturday this week – Come and find me for a Free Button and a Free pattern!! If it is not raining I will be wearing a top hat! I will be at the Ravelry Meet-Up Saturday from 12 to 1. 

    Decedent Fibers will be giving away 50 copies of my Meddybemps patterns FREE with the purchase of yarn. Their big 490-yard skeins are GREAT for this pattern.

    These types of shows happen all year around, all around the country. This week I am sharing my tips and tricks for enjoying big crazy fiber festivals!!

    #1.) Have a Plan

    Review the map and vender list, mark your favorite venders and must-stop booths on your map. Also note when and where any special events, speakers, or book signing are on you map. Take care not to lose you map.

    #2.) Know Your Limit

    Know how much you can spend comfortable on yarn and goodies and stich to it. I do this by leaving my plastic at home. I carry cash in my front packet, when the cash is gone- I am done shopping.

    Good in a Group

    It is fun to attend these events with a group of friends. If you do remember these 3 simple rules:

    #3.)  Before the group breaks up – make sure every one knows when and where to meet when it is time leave.

    #4.) Respect the time to leave and be in the right place at the right time.

    #5.) Be kind to your driver. As you sit in the car and knit and talk away, the driver has a very important job making sure you get where you are going safely.

    #6.) If you like it get it!

    Rhinebeck is crazy- in most cases you gotta get it fast or it will be gone. This also makes reviewing venders list and map a really good idea.

    Case the Joint. I like to take a walk thru of the vender area before I buy anything. This was I don’t spend all my money in the first 3 aisles and then find something I like in aisle 4.

    #7.) Listen to Your Gut

    If you find something you have to have right now and it is in limited quantities BUY IT! It might be there when you come back.  If you are not sure about something finish shopping and go back, if it is still there – it is waiting for you.

    #8.) Bring Project Info.

    If I am shopping for a specific project, even a possible project, I like to copy the material section of the pattern, this way I know who much yarn in how many colors on what size needle.

    #9.) Need to Buy Yarn to use up Your Stash

    It never fails; if I have yarn I want to use up, I never have enough, so I have to buy yarn to use up yarn. Make sure I have the perfect match, I cut a 4 to 6” piece of yarn and slip knot it to my key ring or bracelet. This way I do not have to relay on my memory of my last glimpse of the yarn in the back of my dark closet.

    #10.) Buy Enough and One More.

    Often this is a yarn that you cannot get locally, in a special color, if you are making a big project, BUY all the yarn you need and one to two EXTRA BALLS.  This way you wont have to worry about running out.  Trying to finish your project 4 months later and running out- it will be really hard to find any more in the dye lot your need.

    Places I will be checking out –

    Cephalopod  Yarns – Bld: 39 Booth:19-20

    Decadent Fibers – Bld:30 Booth:1-3

    Holiday Yarns – Bld:26 Booth 15

    Foxfire Fibers- Bld:A Booth 29-30

    Lisa Souza Dyeworks- Bld:C Booth11-12

    Hope to see Ya There!!


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