• Rhinebeck – Part One

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    Rhinebeck Merino Sheep 2012

    First off I have to admit that I broke one of my Fiber Festival Tips and spent a bit more than I should of – BUT in my defense, it all makes me happy!!

    Rhinebeck Stash 2012

    I got there early enough for a good parking spot and a nice place in line. (My Dad would have been proud.) When the Gates finally opened- I ran in and ran-in-to Jenn from Holiday Yarns! (Funny how I keep meeting her like this, I wonder what it means) So I followed her to her booth and made my first purchase in 5 minutes-

    Rhinebeck Holiday Yarns

    It was hard with Jenn’s beautiful subtle colors but my plan was for a cowl to go with my new copper jacket. I picked November and Pinot, not sure if I will use them together or not.

    Next stop was Decadent Fibers who’s booth was already full – They asked me to stop back and hang out in the afternoon for a while so- I headed off to my next stop.

    Trying to figure out where I was on the map, I wander thru some more barns I made my way over to Lisa Souza Dyesworks – Her Booth was packed too- Yeah!!

    Rhinebeck Lisa Souza I do not like a lot of people in a small space, like an aisle at a fair or in line at the tiny grocery store- so I left to crowded packed areas and headed for more open places. In such a place I found my Purple Felt Beret

    Rhinebeck Beret 2012

    I love hats and there were many beautiful hats at the show, and this is not the hat that pulled me into Miriam Carter’s booth, but this one looked the best of all I tried on. Bonus I matches both my winter coats!!

    In this same building I ran into a long time friend who dropped a juicy tidbit in my ear- Can’t say now, but stay tuned… (YES I am teasing you intentionally)

    When I go to shows like the Duchess County Sheep and Wool Festival, I like to support small unique interesting venders that I either never seen before or that I know I can not find at a Local Yarn Shop.  I found 2 such lovely venders.

    Dancing Leaf Farm

    Rhinebeck Slubby Nubby 2012

    Oh My Goodness- the colors are amazing and this Slubby Nubby was dreamy. I have to say, looking through almost all the venders, to me, this yarn was one of the most beautiful, unique things there. I picked up one skein to play with in the color Wine Country will go with both my winter jackets


    Hope Spinnery – Luscious natural colors and produced in a Wind Powered Fiber Mill. It was the Wind Power that got me to look. It was the luscious earthy natural yarn that got me buy.

    These 4 gorgeous colors want to become a fair isle stock’en hat.

    Rhinebeck Hope Spinnery 2012

    I love windmills and this fiber artist’s talent has caught my attention.

    Enough for now- I want to play with my lovely new yarns, more on Thursday.

    Blissful Knitting,


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  1. Looks like you had a blast! I’m looking forward to reading about the rest of the adventures and seeing what you create with the yarns 😀

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