• A Weekend of Knitting and Fun!!

    Posted on October 2, 2012 by in Knitting, Latest Updates, Review - Preview

    Last weekend I was at Kraemer Yarns Knitting Retreat.

    Me and 61 other knitters spent the weekend knitting, teaching, learning, hiking, and laughing all weekend long!! It was so much fun.

    Each morning starts with an optional hike around one of the 2 lakes at the camp. Not much helps me relax more than a lovely walk thru woods on a brisk autumn morning

    Morning Hike KR2012

    Saturday’s first class was Hand Dyeing- I love teaching this class!

    Hand Dye Class KR2012

    This year started out with an added adventure, my friend and fellow teacher Eleanor, is keeper of the hand dye class stuff, she forgot the lids to the bottles we use to apply the dye. LUCKLY the amazing Joanne was there and came up with the brilliant idea to poke hole in the lids of the water bottles we supplied the campers. So every student took one for the team and drank a bottle of water and we had our lids.  In Eleanor’s defense, she was battling Vertigo on and off for 2 weeks before the retreat…

    Hand dyed yarn KR2012

    These are the only class photos I have because I always forget to take photos of my classes. I am more interested in making sure everyone has gotten my material and then as every one is leaving I remember to take photos….

    So the next Photos I have are of the Zip Line-

    12 daring knitter’s donned harness and helmet to climb 35 feet up a telephone pole and out onto a tiny platform to Zip 500 feet.

    Each of us over came a fear and pushed ourselves out of our comfort zones.

    I had never done this before, but I will be sure to do it again!!

    We had a Sock Parade

    Sock Parade KR2012

    And Speed Knitting

    Speed Knitting CO KR2012

    The 2012 reigning champ Joanne, on the right of the photo passed the title to Lillian on the far left of the photo. Yes- the same Joanne who came up with the brilliant idea to save hand dye class, told she is amazing.

    We also tried Team knitting. I have no photos of this, as I was one of the guinea pigs for this activity. But I know there are some on their way, I saw them being passed around. It was a lot of fun and I am hoping for team speed knitting for next year… or at least getting some other people to try it.

    Team Knitting KR2012

    Here is one I just found- taken by my friend Clara

    After sharing and games we had a fire, roasted marshmallows and knitted the night away.

    There was one more class on Sunday morning; I had a Cast On class that was packed to the brim. Luckily I had some helpers, every one was patient and the class went really well.

    Cast On Class KR2012

    Luckily Clara, one of my helpers took this photo-

    Then it was time to pack up and head out.

    So many wonderful people showed up and I know I will have at least one more post about all our fun as every one unpacks and emails photos and Stories…

    Sunday Hike KR2012

2 Responses so far.

  1. Tina says:

    What a fun time and I love seeing all your photos … so envious!

  2. Beth says:

    It was such a fun weekend — and fun getting to meet you, Kate! I’m hunting around your patterns to find something to knit with the fingering wt. yarn I dyed in your class. I’m new to playing with fingering wt and am hoping to find an “easier” shawl as a first project with it.

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