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    Posted on September 18, 2012 by in Knit Tips, Latest Updates


    Knit tips on the web have really changed since I last posted some, so I feel I need to step up my game.

    As I was pondering this- there was an NCIS marathon on USA that was based on Gibbs Rules (when is there NOT an NCIS marathon on USA?). What are there 58, 64, 75 different rules that Gibbs has?

    There are that many, if not more rules around knitting, but taking a tip from David Letterman, I’ll stick to my top 10 over all, good basis, wouldn’t hurt you to know, personal tips

    Top 10:

    #10: Knit on something every day.

    #9: Knit something for yourself every year.

    #8: After 3 mistakes at night put your knitting down and go to bed.

    #7: Try something new. There are so many great things to knit, lace, cables, socks, shawls, garments, accessories, lace weight to super bulky. Try something new to keep your craft fun and interesting. It is good for your brains too!

    #6: Keep Learning. As old as knitting is, there is always some one out there discovering something new.

    #5: Swatches are good for so many things, especially a finished product that turns out great.

    Also for testing cleaning, practicing edge pick ups, guinea pig blankets, a knitting memories afghan and to help fill your knitting journal

    #4: Learn to read your knitting, and then you will always know where you are in the pattern.

    #3: Work with the best materials and tools you can afford. The investment you make in your knitting will show in your finished products.

    #2: There is no right way to knit. As long as you are getting the fabric you desire, you are doing it right. Don’t let any one tell you different.

    BUT – Specific techniques performed in a required manner maybe need to reproduce some else results.

    The #1 best tip and trick for saving time and producing good knitting is:

    Check your work frequently for measurements, gauge, and mistakes. Finding the issue fast saves yarn, prevents ripping and keeps your enthusiastic.


2 Responses so far.

  1. Love NCIS, even named one of my dogs Gibbs!

    Great knitting rules, especially the one about 3 mistakes, go to bed.


  2. Great tips! I needed to be reminded of several – especially the one about going to bed after 3 mistakes. Thank you for posting these!

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