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    Posted on September 25, 2012 by in Knit Tips, Knitting


    The Sling Shot –

    I am working on my Cast On Class, and it occurred to me how handy the Sling Shot is for casting on.

    Sling Shot







    I know I preach that there are many ways to do thing and there are 2 ways to do most Long Tail cast ons. I was taught and have taugh many a 2 handed way to do the Long Tail cast on, but I am beginning to switch to the Sling Shot…

     Why? You may ask….

    Well a race between my sample knitter, Clara and I showed me the Sling Shot was faster.  I lost that race every time no mater how I cheated…

    Second because it is use for so many other cast ons like;

    • The Purl cast on
    • The Twisted Norwegian
    • 2 color cords
    • 2 and 3 color braids.
    • Twined.
    • Provisional

    So today’s Knit Tip is to learn the Sling Shot.

    1.  Make a slipknot leaving a long tail, and slide the slipknot onto the needle. Snug up slipknot.
    2. Holding needle in your right hand, insert your left thumb and index finger between the two yarns, be sure the long tail is closest to your thumb, spread your thumb and index finger apart  slide left hand away from needle in right hand. (It looks a little like a sling shot)
    sling shot 2



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